5 Things To Access Your Intuition

IMG_1868  Written by Sylwia Kulczak Sarasvatti, 3/19/2016.

I have been doing readings for years. I’ve started when I was six. I cut out my first Tarot deck from the magazine and started doing readings. I was communicating with my guides at the time and it felt good to be able to foresee the events, see through the situations, etc… Then I found out that on my father’s side, my great-grandaunt was a psychic and a healer. People were traveling from all over the country to come and seek her help.

The thing about the intuition though is that everyone has it. Some people deny it, yet still use it. It doesn’t matter if they call it the gut instinct or give you the online definition of it:

INTUITION – the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Quick and ready insight. Instant cognition.

Over the years I was wondering what has allowed me to access my intuition and strengthen it at the same time. Here are 5 things to access your intuition and how to flex it, because it’s like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it:

5 Things To Access Your Intuition and Keep It  Sharp:

1. Healthy lifestyle to keep the mind crystal clear

I know there are many different psychics, intuitive healers, etc… who eat what they want, have a lifestyle that is ahem… far from perfect including smoking some weird things too. I don’t do that. I have found personally is that when I sleep well, eat right (I love vegan diet with some fish) and exercise regularly, taking breaks from work – this is when my intuition is super strong and I can easily access it. The insights for my clients and myself come easily and are precise. For more tips on what to eat, how to get back to your health and feel well, please visit my Facebook page: Wealth of Life and Ancient Sound Therapy:

2. Meditate to tap in


Everyone says that and keep repeating how meditating is the way to go. I say there is a way to meditate and get still so that you can figure out what comes in for you. If you do YOU first, process the information for yourself, then you can receive insights for other people. That’s why it’s important for me to know how I feel and what I want first, before I can work on anybody else.

Some people struggle with this one. Life gets busy and hectic. I understand, you have a job, a family and you still want to live a little. If you have troubles meditating, please check out one of my sound therapy group events or schedule a complimentary sample session with me. The sound will guide you back to yourself in an amazing way: you’ll just follow it. No need to focus on this or that, it will still your mind and slow down your breath. You’ll be in a deep meditative trance in 15 minutes!!!

3. Do the work in your own life: clean it up first!

Before you will set out on a journey to clean somebody else’s mess, organize your own life first. If I don’t actively take care of my own life, duties, responsibilities – then I can not be of service to anybody else. Helping people is great, but! I find that I’m the most effective if I take charge on the things that matter to me first. If I’m feeling overwhelmed – then I am of little service to others. Being an intuitive means more than just meditating and doing crystal clear readings. It means I have to plan ahead and schedule events, do marketing on a regular basis, social media campaigns and then do the talks, free samples of my work, the actual work that brings in the $ and helps my clients. In a nutshell, have a clarity on the priorities in your own life, take care of them first, then sit down, be all ZEN, access your intuition to do the reading for somebody else.

4. Practice, practice, practice: lots of work = lots of fun


Seek out opportunities to practice your intuitive abilities. Do it for free if you are just starting out, do it gladly and you will see… Before you know it, you will build a community of people that know you, love your work and recommend you to their family and friends. Practice will make you feel confident and reassured about the messages that you’re receiving. Pay attention to signs, symbols, energy patterns, names, facial features, body language, numbers, zodiac – all of it tells you a unique and compelling story. Study them, seek out explanation, remember them as they show up. Pay attention to the themes in your own life. Remember: wherever the focus goes, energy flows!!! Your clients will bring you pieces of information to process your own stuff and do it efficiently. By helping them, you realize something about yourself. Then, once you’ll have some small wins, start tuning even more to hear clearer voices from your guides – they will tell you the details that you wouldn’t believe!!!

5. Take A Class. For example: Intuitive Reading Skills 101

Version 2

When I started, my mom used to drag me with her to the psychic readers, and once I found out what it was, I decided that I wanted to do this work as well. Then I cut out my first Tarot deck at the ripe age of 6, then I started doing my readings. At the same time I was communicating with my guides, felt supported by them in many situations, and felt… quite magical. I have believed that I could do magic! I have observed the energy patterns, colors, smells – I have been sensitive to all these tiny things. My father used to say that I am like a police dog, I have the sixth sense. I also would go into nature and sang for hours, danced, did yoga etc… However, I didn’t have a mentor or a teacher at the time and that really sucked. Reading fairy tales didn’t do it.

And therefore it was hard. It was hard to believe, have courage and confidence that this is an awesome path to take vs feeling inadequate and confused about whether I am doing this right. I had so many questions, for example, how to know for sure that the messages I am receiving come from my intuition vs ego or some filters. How to know that the decision I made is the right one? Is this my real life purpose or am I wasting my time? How to become successful with THIS thing?

Then I sough out some sort of reassurance and reaffirmation with my work. I found experts like Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue. I read avidly their books, whatever I could find, watched their videos, used their cards, did their online free classes, then went and paid thousands of dollars to meet them in person. It has been an amazing journey and completely all worth it. Therefore I want to make it easier for you. Because I know how hard it was for me to start my healing arts practice and believe that this can actually work. So take a class from an expert, somebody that has been there and has done that, somebody you can trust. It will show you a clear pathway and give you the tools to strengthen this gift of intuition so that you can use it in your current profession, business – to get better results with your clients, more sales, or to grow a business around your intuitive abilities and be successful while doing it.

For more information about the class Intuitive Reading Skills 101 that I teach please visit the Group Events section: and give me a shout if you have any questions :-)

with Love <3

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