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Sound Therapy About Sylwia Los AngelesSylwia Kulczak is a Sound Therapy Practitioner (since 2005). Sylwia’s training includes Sound Healing & Tibetan Singing Bowls trainings level 1 and 2 offered by well-known teacher Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje). For the past 11 years,  Sylwia has implemented Sound Therapy into her intuitive readings, healing, yoga & coaching work for her clients with tangible healing results. The reason why Sylwia will help you get the results nobody else can get is simple: she takes into consideration additional factors like: diet, sleeping habits, supplements etc… She will educate you about things that may contribute to your well-being and remove the obstacles on your path to health. Her health coaching speeds up dramatically the process of health recovery.

Sylwia Kulczak is also an intuitive reader (since she was 6 years old) and Sound Therapy (since 2005), Reiki 2nd level, Breath Integration, Hatha Yoga and Silva Method practitioner. Sylwia has been working as an intuitive reader for over 20 years. Besides having healers and intuitive readers in her own family, Sylwia has taken several classes from the best in the intuitive world: Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh and Doreen Virtue.

Sylwia’s work has been appreciated & promoted by famous teachers & writers like Alan Cohen & Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. She has done several Sound Therapy & Intuitive Reading sessions for them as well as she has been invited as a guest to work with participants of their retreats with great success. Sylwia’s readings are clear and precise. She will help you find answers to your questions about your current life situation, career, money, your love life, and health. She will tell you about the tendencies for the future or help you see the possible outcomes of your decisions. Sylwia is available to conduct her workshops and classes at conferences, retreats, and private parties. If you want to invite her as a guest, please send her an email to

Wayne Dyer Sound Therapy Quote“I met Sylwia during a Celebrate Your Life conference where she was doing individual sessions for the lecturers & vendors participating in the conference. She did an intuitive reading & Sound Healing for me after my keynote lecture. I remember that it was late & I felt very tired. Not only were her readings right on, but the Sound Therapy with the Earth Gong & Himalayan Singing Bowls completely recharged me as if I slept for hours. I recommend Sylwia’s work to anybody who seeks clarity in their life & would like to heal & rejuvenate in a short amount of time. The results will exceed your expectations.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Alan Cohen Sound Therapy Quote“I have personally experienced Sylwia’s intuitive abilities & Sound Therapy during an individual session. Her intuitive reading & Sound Therapy are of great therapeutic value. She provides a clear insight with her intuition, which is extremely accurate, & assists in one’s healing process with the Sound Therapy. The Sound Therapy in itself feels like a combination of deep meditation, rest, sleep & at moments leaving the physical body experience. Blessings on her path with heart, miracles unfold to those who are touched by such pure & radiant energy.”

Alan Cohen

Wonders of Sound Therapy have allowed me to get rid of the pains of my broken back.  They moved it enough to get it from a frozen state into an adjusting mode. Ha! I didn’t know that my back can still become more flexible at this age, and adjust itself if it needs it. I religiously started coming to the Sound Therapy Immersion sessions every month. The frozen back got unfrozen again and adjusted itself on the spot as I was stretching after the Sound Therapy. It was a sign for me, so I got a package of 11 sessions total, twice a week. What it did was, it helped me to get rid of the pain in my back: starting with the lower back, then going through the mid portion and the upper back. Sound Therapy also helped me to get rid of the pain in my arm. Your coaching made me aware of how to move my body and stop re-injuring it over and over again during daily activities.
Sylwia customized the treatments for me so that if something new came along, we would work on it during the current session. I finally was able to sit at my desk and catch up with my work that I couldn’t do for several months. It wasn’t possible because of the pain. I thought I had to suffer like this. And the only thing that the doctor was able to offer was to prescribe a stronger pain killer. I was 1 pill away from morphine. And then the miracle happened, first during the group session and then in the private treatments. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Denise Rosner, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA.

 PART 2:

“Hi Sylwia, I just want to say “Thank you. Thank you for being a gifted healer, and for sharing love and light. I have no more pain under my arm, and in the whole area around my left breast where I had 2 surgeries and lymph nodes removed. I had been in pain since my surgeries for over two years now. I feel free and light now. Thank you for this gift, lightness, healing and life you have given me. I am looking forward to my appointment on Friday morning at 9:30am.”

Thank you

Melody May

Co-Director/Graphic Designer of GRAPHICS & DESIGNS PLUS, Torrance, CA.

After a series of Sound Therapy sessions my migraines (that I had for many years) went away. I tried different treatments and nothing worked. Finally Sound Therapy helped. Thank you Sylwia!”

Maria Lopez

Factory Worker, Rockford, IL.

“Hi Sylwia, just wanted to say “Thank You!” I am feeling a huge difference after our first treatment. I slept like a baby and started the week calm, focused, dealing with what is coming at me in a completely new way. The shoulder pain is almost all gone – 98% of it, I have to look for it. But probably the package of sessions will take care of that. I can also turn my neck more and there is no pain, after 3 surgeries on it and several back injuries playing football, soccer and other sports – I can really tell Sound Therapy works wonders for the body! The numbness went completely away and pain shooting from my neck to my left pinky is almost all gone.  I move differently throughout the day, watching the things we talked about, changing my attitude. I stopped pushing and forcing, my entire workout has changed. I am doing the stretches that you showed me and I pay attention to how I am moving my body, how I exercise. I feel that my hips are opening up more and overall I feel stronger than before. I also started driving the other car like you advised – and it is much better for my back. I didn’t think fast results like this were even possible. Thank you so much and I will see you this Friday for another treatment”

C. McKenna

Commercial Real Estate Broker, Los Angeles, CA.

Hello Sylwia
As for me I am doing much better. I want you to know that when I met you that was the impetus that led me to have faith that I could survive here and lead me towards acceptance of my decision. I have my own apartment steps away from my daughter’s house. I have let go of many of my fears and become aware of changes I needed to make about my attitude and forgiveness. Sylwia, meeting you helped me in so many ways but the most important was your reassurance that I would be all right and that I am in the right place. I am forever grateful and feel truly blessed that you were there when I most needed help. When I truly was sick with anxiety fears and doubts. God bless you and your gift of healing.
With Gratitude, Laurie

Sylwia, thank you so much for helping me to heal my broken collar bone. It was so painful and I thought it would take forever. Then we did a package of sessions and the bone healed much quicker than before. Also, thanks to sound therapy sessions I became more confident, clear on what I want to do and happy!!! I guess I did’t realize how great I can feel every day. Your sessions made me realize that.
Megan B., Redondo Beach 

I have had so much pressure and tension in my head. I was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety when we met. Your sound therapy has helped me to actually fully relax and recharge. Now all the numbness in my legs, tingling and pain in my shoulders and arms are gone. My digestion has improved because of the tips that you gave me. And my blood work shows that the low levels of white and red cells, from before we started, went up significantly after we finished. I am glad that I gave it a shot. It was all worth it! Now if I stress out – I just have a little bit of tension, but not as much. Thank you so much!
Holly W., Redondo Beach

I have tried sound therapy because I have always wondered about what it could do. I am an acupuncturist and I work closely with patients on helping them get back to health. What I have found is absolutely stunning: after 1 session my stress was not building up at all. I was surprised. I have decided to recommend sound therapy in addition to my acupuncture treatments. Thank you Sylwia for this amazing treatment and doing this work!
Portia W., Los Angeles, CA.


I have come to the sound therapy session in a complete disbelief. Now I am a believer. Thank you for your sound therapy sessions and the relief of the lower back pain. The clarity, focus and peace that I felt next morning were a great bonus!
Elisa Shine, Palos Verdes, CA.


Thank you Sylwia for the sessions that you do. Me and my husband enjoy them greatly. They help to relieve the pain in my body, especially my spine, and they make me feel like I am in a deep meditative state. I am so relaxed every time I come and experience it. The next day I feel energized and calm. It helps me get through the week till the next session.

Julie Pearson Loughboro, Torrance CA.


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