Opening The Portal To Miracles

August came like cinnamon, so sweet…

It’s the time of the year that I get to celebrate my birthday. And the way to do it properly is to start celebrating a month before the actual birthday and a month after. Personally, sometimes I get to celebrate till Christmas. Why? Just because it takes me a while to figure out what would make me happy and then make it a reality.

What’s so special about a birthday? Well, I like to celebrate the fact that I came into this world to contribute all these fascinating things, gifts, songs and talents that make Sylwia. Outside of that, I love celebrations!

This month is a month of celebrations and

“Opening A Portal To Miracles.”

miracles happen when you spend energy on your dreams.preview

Miracles are obviously connected to the particular frequencies that the particular “miracles” consist of. Everything in this Universe is made out of energy: your favorite dish, a person you fell in love with, the car you like, the house of your dreams, or physical healing you’re wishing for yourself or somebody that you care about.


What would happen, if you could find a secret key?

Have you thought of it? If you could open a portal to miracles, the secret doorway in space and time, what would you ask for?

What kind of miracle would you iterate to be performed in front of your eyes?

Would you ask for the miraculous healing to take place?

Would you bring somebody dear to you from the dead?

Would you ask for somebody you love to show up at your doorstep and stay for good?

Would you utter: “I want to find myself in a perfect profession that I am built for?

Would you ask for the money that would get you your dream house, dream car and dream things to enjoy?

Would you ask for your beloved’s depression to go away and never come back?

Or maybe you would ask to achieve success in your career? However you understand it.

What would you want to happen right in front of your eyes at this very instant?

Consider this: if you could open the portal to miracles not once but every time you have a secret wish, a dream that you want to manifest, how would your life look like?

Would you get rid of the boring routine that is killing you quietly every day? Would you be able to switch jobs and feel confident with your new choice even though it would take hard work and time to adjust to the new place?

Would you start a family without worrying or being afraid about how it is going to work out? Would you finally buy that piece of property that you have been looking for instead of just talking about it?

This is all possible!!!

This month we will be opening a portal to miracles on two occasions. The first time on 8.16.2014 from 3-4:15pm at Remedy Pharm in Torrance during a Sound Therapy session, and a week after 8.23.2014 during a special workshop with Joni Consroe: Summer Yoga Miracles (click on the link to get more information about Joni or the workshop). Joni is a gifted yoga teacher who combines visualization, affirmation, and yoga in order to manifest things in life. All you have to do is:

  1. prepare the list of miracles that you want to experience
  2. show up to the above events to attune yourself with the vibration of their manifestation – if you have struggled so far in doing so, sound therapy is going to be a great catalyst for that purpose!
  3. enjoy the miracles’manifestation



The fun part is for you to let me know in the comments below what you would personally want to manifest in your life if you could open a portal to miracles and manifest them in an instant. Please share this post with your friends, family to make them think about the possibility of making dreams come true.









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