Final Proof: Video of Shattering Cancer Cells With Resonant Frequencies.


Shattering Cancer Cells With Sound Waves

WOW!!! How exciting!!! This video shows how resonant sound frequencies disintegrate the cells of leukemia, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, MRSA etc… painlessly and non-toxically.

Science of sound therapy videotaped!

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts the science of sound therapy and how it works. Here you have it explained by Anthony Holland in a TEDx video. He and his fellow scientists have experimented in a Cancer Research Lab with diverse frequencies and various cancer cells. They pinpointed the sound waves which make the cancer cells vulnerable and ultimately make them burst because they can’t hold the frequencies.

The secret to healing: high and low tones.

Just like in this video, during the sound therapy session I use high and low tones of the himalayan singing bowls and the Earth Gong that I’m playing. They have the same effect as the frequencies used in the lab and more: they burst the unhealthy cells and leave the participants recharged. Shattering cancer cells with resonant frequencies happens when a multitude of sounds is being used.

If you want to experience it for yourself, please send an email to to schedule a session.

The next group sound therapy at The Remedy Pharm is going to be on Saturday at 3pm on 8/22 and 9/12. Mark your calendars! More information about how to prepare and what to expect in the Group Events area.

Let’s vibrate health, joy and happiness!

With Love


P.S. If you would like to host a group sound therapy presentation and session at your yoga studio, festival, fair or event – please send an email to with the dates in mind. Thank you:-)

The video is down below:







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