FREE Intuitive Reading Class 101 Will Change Your Life!

WEDNESDAY – FREE Intuitive Reading Class 101

4/6/16 7:30-9:00pm

Hiya! This Intuitive Reading Class 101 will change your life!!! And I will be giving away more goodies for people who will be signing up for the Intuitive Reading Class this Wednesday 4/6/16. So if you want the best deal ever? Then come on Wednesday at 7:30-9:00pm. Please bring your cards Rider Waite Tarot deck (preferably), a notebook and mineral water. This is going to be an Intuitive Reading Class that will blow your mind!!! I have put together an amazing and comprehensive program that will knock your socks off. Come! Bring friends, get a partial scholarship!!!

See you soon:-)


Intuitive Reading FREE Class Poster 3.29.16 JPEG



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  1. Thank you for this evening. You are very special and your work is uplifting our entire community. Love what you’ve done on utube. Love you.

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