How does sound therapy help you relax?

I get this question so often: how does sound therapy work?

And while I could go into a lengthy scientific explanation like I usually do – this time I won’t have to. How does sound therapy help you relax? Sound therapy induces deep, meditative, trance-like state of relaxation. It works like nothing else works. But enough me talking. One of the participants, Julie, answers this question for you. Watch the video to find out.

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In the comments below, share with me and other people about what sound therapy has done for you. Talk about your experience and what you took away from the class.



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  1. Trent Cawthon


    I wanted to share that during my the time I was healing broken ankle. I was having all this built up energy!! Started doing sound therapy tape that Sylwia shared with me!!! Was the exact thing I needed to clear my head!! Let me relax, sleep, which I really needed!!80)

    Thanks Sylwia, Trent

  2. Sylwia

    Hi Trent,
    Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, the audio MP3 of my whole session that I shared with you works as well as the live session as well. So I am glad that it actually relaxed you and helped you with healing of your broken ankle. I hope I will see you soon in the live session.

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