Hi My Gorgeous Sound Therapy Fans!!! I am soon excited to show you what I have been cooking all this time. So this coming week, you are in for a treat: 1.) FREE FLAVON SOUND THERAPY – nobody has done it before: combined flavonoids and…

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5 Things To Access Your Intuition

  Written by Sylwia Kulczak Sarasvatti, 3/19/2016. I have been doing readings for years. I’ve started when I was six. I cut out my first Tarot deck from the magazine and started doing readings. I was communicating with my guides at the time and it…

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Get rid of stress and relax deeply.

Today I am going to share with you my dirty little secret to dealing with stress and being able to relax deeply. There are many techniques to get rid of stress and relax deeply before the holiday season. However, some are more effective than others.…

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