Power vs Force. External hard drive.

I am currently reading a book “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins, M.D., about the muscle testing and the fact that all the information that we need is available to us. According to the book we are all connected and one rather than separated from each other. So how does this happen that we forget and then need to go see other people for guidance or help in dealing with certain events or problems in our life? I believe that other people are like an external hard drive. They are an extension of me/us and are a “backup” just in case my own personal hard drive fails. It doesn’t happen often, but just like with anything else in life – things happen.

Just like the problems with my stomach happened to me and in order to get better I did my blood work, extensive research, and then saw Susan Semelke, a nutritionist, at Remedy Pharm for a consultation. She read my blood-work patterns and advised me to take certain herbal medicines. I bought them at Remedy Pharm (they have a wide selection of any herbal medicine existing under the sun or they will order it for you) and took them right away with water. Within half an hour I felt the difference! I was doing the cleansing at the same time which helped to speed up the process of healing and boosting my immunity so that I could go back to being myself.

It has been 2 weeks and I almost finished taking the herbal medicines recommended by Susan. I saw her yesterday at Remedy Pharm where we meet every Thursday since I do there my intuitive readings from 1-4pm. I told her how big of a difference she made with her knowledge and consultation. I have studied and practiced alternative medicine since I was 13 years old. I have helped many clients in getting rid of  pain, depression and insomnia, so it is not that I don’t have resources and experience in helping myself, quite contrary. This consultation, however, was learning some new things that I would not have considered or might have overlooked. And that is why, in essence, we are all connected and serve each other as an external hard drive, memory and inspiration. Here is Susan’s email if you would like to consult with her:

For those of you who would like to get inspired by tapping into the deepest possible relaxation using Sound Therapy and seeing how it can instantly improve your well-being and health, please come to the Sound Therapy session at Remedy Pharm tomorrow, Saturday, 3.8.2013 . It will start at 3pm-4.15pm. Please come 2:45pm to register and settle down. Thank you and see you there:)

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