Problems with concentration? Come to a group sound therapy to retrain your brain.


Recently I have had troubles with concentrating and focusing on the tasks that I needed to do… It was bad.

Being a sound therapist and a teacher is not an easy job. It looks pretty in the pictures and videos, and it is a lot of work. Besides, I’m Polish, so I think everything is possible!!! My to-do list got so big and there are so many layers to it that I got overwhelmed by the amounts of my to-do lists. Immediate things to do, vs things that involve other people, making phone calls, scheduling (this one always is a challenge). Not to mention: trying new things, going to classes (for me!), relaxing, making decisions about things to pick, things to do, people to meet etc…

How I got rid of multiple lists.


It would come to the point where I would create several different to do lists, and then in the process, even forget that I already wrote it all down on another piece of paper!!! Then I would nonchalantly start a new one! It got crazy. So I did some research on this and what did I find? That I have to calm the F*** down and slow down a bit. You know how they tell you to mediate more and you’re like: “Tell me something that I don’t know!” But yes, meditating and being with myself has been the right answer that I thought I knew, but only in my head for the last few months. The advice was simple: I should meditate and then one step after another do the things that I need to do vs being a superwoman, that I think I am, who does everything at once. So in order to do that I started regularly playing my instruments just for myself. I would sit down with the Himalayan singing bowls, the gong and play them just for myself for 15 minutes per day.

After about 1 week, a miracle occurred!!!

It dawned on me that I am already there and that I don’t need to rush to do all these things. I am going to do things as they are in front of me. Also, it occurred to me that planning doesn’t have to be as daunting. I can just try out things for a few months and see if something is a good fit for me or not. And definitely plan for the priorities – things that are important personally to me vs other people. This one is a big one! I finally could relax with sound therapy and myself and it brought me to the next revelation on why it works so well.

Here is my channeled insight about it:

“Sound Therapy relaxes the brain and this way sends the message to recharge the body and the whole system. What happens is that when we focus on sound, we gradually stop being distracted by the noise in our head. It’s like a guided meditation with sounds. They guide us to be fully present in the moment and do whatever it is in front of us: to relax. It re-patterns our brain to create neuro-connections to stay focused. We can take this concentration mindset into other areas of our life.The sounds train our brain. When we stop running and being scared of our list of tasks, decisions to make, conversations to have – we can gracefully do these things without getting stressed out about them. The Earth gong frequencies re-pattern the beat of our heart to have courage and enthusiasm to do things we want or must do.” – Yes, I, Sylwia Kulczak wrote it.

Today 6/18/16 at 3 pm I am playing the Earth gong and Himalayan singing bowls at Remedy Pharm. Please come to reignite the courage in your heart and re-instill the focus and concentration in your mind. You are trainable at any age to do that!!! This can help.

Here is another article that I wrote a while ago about sound therapy increasing your motivation. It is connected to how our brain relaxes and regains its “clear” focus. Please read it and let me know if you’re already using music/sounds to work more effectively or to concentrate on the task at hand. Or is it that music distracts you? I want to know what helps you to focus and accomplish your tasks in the comments below. Share your insight and inspiration so that I can learn from you.






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