Sound Therapy 10 Pack

$ 2,000.00 $ 1,250.00

Sound Therapy 10 Pack


1. Extra coaching time spent on analyzing your lifestyle, wellbeing, diet etc.. and adjusting them.

2. Customized stretches, yoga poses, chinese and/or ayurvedic techniques to heal effectively in a shorter amount of time.

3. Using Himalayan Singing Bowls and the Earth Gong to manage and get rid of your health issue: cancer, pain, anxiety, stress, trauma, insomnia, infertility, Vertigo etc…

4. Speeding up the process of recovery of any physical ailment or injury.

5. Focused healing energy:  Some of the instruments are positioned on the body to stimulate the energy centers properly and particular parts of the body so that they have extra energy to heal themselves.



1. Your body is able to naturally heal itself and reproduce the tissue as needed – all of this happens gradually during a Sound Therapy session.

2. You have no negative side-effects.

3. Long-lasting results: people report that even after one or a couple of sessions (depends on the person) the health issue (for example pain, anxiety, Vertigo) is significantly diminished or is gone.

4. You will leave with a boost of energy, more confidence and reassurance to peacefully take action in other aspects of your life.

5. Feeling healthy, happy and reenergized – you will regain your zest for life.

6. You will become educated specifically about tools and techniques you can use to stay healthy and thrive.


The package consists of 10 sessions x $200 = $2000.


Product Description

All the packages consist of Sound Therapy sessions made with Himalayan Singing Bowls and the Earth Gong which produce the healing Om frequency. It is a holistic treatment that soothes your soul and relaxes the body to the point of allowing it to naturally heal itself. However, depending on the focus of the therapy, the sessions are slightly modified to suit your own personal needs and what you would like to accomplish: stress relief, recharging, anti-aging, cancer prevention, injury recovery, pain management, conception aid, healing PTSD, gaining more confidence etc… A Sound Therapy session lasts minimum 1 hour = 60 minutes plus the diagnosis time 15 minutes.


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