Release Stress With Sound Therapy

Release Stress With Sound Therapy

I recently watched Gabrielle Bernstein’s video about EFT to release stress. I have worked too much in the last 6 months. I have a lot of requests for private sound healing sessions, intuitive readings, coaching and I also teach. That means that there is a lot of things to manage and make sure that they are done in an organized way. But, I am getting better at it.

So, this video made me realize something about sound healing that I do: I am tapping on people with the sounds that I make. Yes, that’s right. It is Sylwia Kulczak’s EFT technique. It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. And it truly is a freedom technique, as it frees people from all sorts of ailments. After the last sound therapy session I’ve had people giving some new testimonials about being relieved of Vertigo, knee pain, back pain, and migraines. The world is a healthier place now:) But I would like to thank you all for supporting this work and me in doing it – you bring your families, friends, and you tell everyone about how amazing and healing sound therapy is. And it creates miracles every time we come together and experience it. Thank you.

Here is the video of Gabrielle Bernstein about the phenomenal EFT tapping technique, and if you would like me to tap on you with the Earth Gong and HImalayan Singing Bowls, then please come this Saturday 6/8 around 3 pm to Remedy Pharm to experience Sound Therapy.




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