my personal fear of failure…


I’ve watched this video multiple times since past Tuesday. It talks about so many things that I’ve experienced recently. Amongst them a fear of failure. I am deeply and profoundly terrified of becoming successful with the things that I do. Because I’ve always been successful in anything that I’ve put my mind to, and I strategically picked what I wanted to excel at (mostly things that I truly am good at) I have hardly had any bigger failures. So it becomes harder and harder to accept the fact that I can put something out there that won’t work right away or won’t appeal to a larger crowd. Because, yes, deep inside, I, Sylwia Kulczak, also want and need to feel that I contribute the value that can’t be provided by somebody else or replaced easily. 

And I’ve learned since I was little that even when I don’t know exactly how to do something, ultimately I figure it out…

with helping hands of the kindest humans who accompany my journey. And that always made me happy and proud of myself and whatever creation I’ve accomplished. My vision always guided me in my weirdest and most unconventional pursuits. The part that always makes me beam with a smile and feel deep happiness is when these helpful angels that I meet engage without me trying to prod them or force them in any way, they do it, because just like me, they want to have fun and they want to play with the concepts I propose. In fact my ideas would inspire their ideas and so the creation has its own continuum in an effortless manner. Today I learn to trust the process again and understand that not everyone will want to play with me and create things together. And I learn to be ok with that.

There are 7,404,976,783 people on Earth.

If one or two doesn’t want to play, the third is jaded, the fourth overthinks stuff… I surely can find another 60 to see if amongst them someone will be interested enough to give it a shot.

64 rejections to get 1 to commit to play

That’s why I love this video so much. Because it reveals the truth: it’s more about putting it out there, than doing it in a perfect manner. I like quality things and I would hope that it shows in the things that I do: videos, photos, blog posts, recipes, life hacks that I share, etc… Yet as the time goes by, I realize that it’s ok for me to create with all the “flaws and imperfections” and stop worrying about how it is going to actually work. Because if it doesn’t, I will figure it out. Somehow from no way, nowhere, I’ll find my way. Like Marie Forleo says: “Everything is figurateable.”


Seth Godin is one of my favorites. But I love what he says about the game Monopoly and how we take things personally when they are not about us. A part of growing as a human being is becoming less self-centered and learn that throwing tantrums because of setbacks may not be the most efficient way to get your way. The interview is really good, Marie Forleo asks the questions that I and probably you would want to ask.



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