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You can get a PREPAID PASS for 4 sound therapy sessions for only $100. The pass will be valid at the places that are listed below. If you want to drop in, the cost is $30 per person.


you can pay by cash or check at the studio,

or through Paypal: send $32 or $103 to reserve the spot to



Regular cost is $40 per class, the discount from 4X$40=$160 to $100 for a pass is $60=37%!!!

ATTENTION: If the pass holder wants to invite a relative or a friend – they can do it by using one of the sessions from the pass but the pass holder must be present and have the pass with them.

2. 1 TIME SESSION: discounted from $40 to $30=25% discount!!!



I. Abs:Fab Pilates and Core Fitness Studio

Monday Attunement at 6:30-8:30pm, 12/5 the session is 6pm-7:30pm!

1820 S Catalina Ave #108, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Phone(310) 497-3497 studio or (773) 744 7766 Sylwia direct line

This Monday 12/5 6-7:30pm

12/12, 12/19

1/9, 1/23, 1/30

2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27

Space is limited: only 20 spots – first come, first serve.

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…By participating in the sound therapy, buying the gift certificates or packages of the sessions for yourself and your loved ones you are helping to fight cancer?
Yes! That’s right!!! is donating a 1 free session per month for the local cancer survivors and people who need help in battling this disease. Therefore every dollar spent for your own health is supporting the sessions for people with cancer – to help them heal from the disease, pain and the repercussions of it.

II. Sound Therapy at the Cancer Support Community

Redondo Beach, Friday at 9:30am

These events are free of charge for people with cancer, volunteers there once a month to contribute to the local community and help those in need and distress dealing with complex health issues. The goal is to relieve it and bring back the hope to heal and get well again.


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Thank you for spreading the word about this miraculous treatment.


Suggestions on how to prepare:

1. Please make sure you bring your own yoga mat, blankets, eye pillow and pillows, wear comfortable clothes and abstain from caffeine on the day of the session to get the most optimal benefits. You will be lying down on the floor for 1 hour and you want to make sure that you are warm and comfortable during that time.

2. Also, if you know of anyone dealing with a lot of stress, chronic pain or insomnia – let them know about the session, they will thank you afterwards. It will provide them with an instant relief of their ailment. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the session, so that we can start on time.

Detailed description:

These sessions are 1 hour long and consist of a Sound Therapy Cellular Massage ™ done with Himalayan Singing Bowls and the Earth Gong. It is an affordable way to get a massage (only $30 with a prepaid pass and $40 at the door!) and achieve deep relaxation which speeds up the natural process of healing in the physical body.

The Sound Therapy Experience

    1. The space is cleared with Reiki showers installed in the room during the setup of the session. Incense and candles that I use sometimes in addition to it are always 100% natural and non-allergic. If you have any specific allergies, please notify me in the beginning.
    2. Usually the session is started with a short activity: gentle stretches, “Voicemail from the Masters”, Pranayama, Chinese tapping, use of essential oils etc…  – depends on the session and the theme. Therefore keep in mind, sometimes we may finish later than 4:15. Please turn your cell phones off and use the restroom in the beginning of the class not to create any disturbances for other participants.
    3. During the Sound Therapy part: the instruments are in front of the room and the participants are lying down on the floor on the yoga mats, blankets and comforters that they bring, with their heads toward the instruments. If somebody next to you falls asleep, you can gently touch their hand or arm so that they realize your presence. In this way
    4. It is recommended that people abstain from caffeinated drinks, wear comfortable clothes and have their eye pillows to get the best results.
    5. The participants are led through a short introduction and breath-work to relax and prepare for the experience.
    6. Then we set a specific intention and affirmation for the healing. After that, the participants experience a major realignment and adjustment via sounds from the instruments.
    7. The frequencies create a vortex of energy that makes the whole body completely relaxed, vibrating with energy. The thinking mind is switched off – which means that the brain waves slow down to the point of the deepest, dreamless and thoughtless state of relaxation – Delta.
    8. The body is reinvigorated and recharged continuously with various beats and sounds which massage the whole body on many different levels for 1 hour. A similar experience is achieved during deep meditative trance or astral travels. Some participants experience leaving their body and traveling to a place of peace, having visions, or deep emotional and physical releases.
    9. If someone is snoring during the session, please touch their arm gently, letting them know you’re there, so that they can stay relaxed, but they will stop snoring. It is important to me that everyone has the best possible experience ever and it is my commitment to make sure everyone can relax deeply.

    “I feel so light, recharged, as if I slept for hours! Reinvigorated, focused and relaxed as I haven’t felt in years. Maria Jimenez, Torrance.”

    “The physical body gets relaxed so deeply that quite often participants report a relief from various kinds of pain, for example: shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, headaches, insomnia, Vertigo etc… People who have experienced sound therapy regularly claim that Sound Therapy boosts their performance, leaves them pain free and makes their skin look younger.” Sylwia Kulczak



    New Enrollment for September 2016

    Intuitive Reading FREE Class Poster 3.29.16 JPEG

    After taking this class, your life will never be the same again…

    You will learn:

    1. How to tap into your intuition and trust the information you receive. How to use your insight effectively in your current business/work to make decisions.

    2. How to find new clients begging for your service and recommending you to everybody

    3. How to build trust and confidence with your work

    4. How to overcome the fear of doing what you love and increase your income $$$

    5. Change your internal programing around $$$ money and success. Learn how to break through your money blocks created by your upbringing.

    And so much more…

    About the teacher:

    Sylwia Kulczak Sarasvati is a genuine intuitive reader with 30 years of experience in doing readings, someone who had intuitive readers and healers in her family. Sylwia trained with the best: Sonia Choquette and James Van Praagh – instead of spending thousands of dollars, you get the essence of the famous teachers’ teachings from her comprehensive and affordable class. You’re going to learn techniques allowing you to access your intuition and then turn it off when necessary. Learn from the best: Sylwia is an accomplished Intuitive Reader, Sound Therapist, successful business owner, making over $100000 per year from her business alone, having multiple streams of income from various sources. Sylwia is continuously learning and improving her Intuitive Arts work. She has been asked to do readings and sound therapy healing sessions for famous authors: Alan Cohen, Wayne Dyer to name a few. She is invited and asked to participate as a guest speaker and healer to talk about the power of intuition and the magic of sound therapy at retreats, conferences, and fairs around US.


    1. the class value: $55 x 8 weeks = $440 (the first session is free with a coupon)
    2. sound therapy pass worth $180 – 7 group sessions
    3. private intuitive reading: $130
    4. astrology and numerology reports: $100
    5. succulents $40
    6. online access to the recording of the class: $197

    TOTAL COST: $1087                        

    Promotional Cost= $621 till July 30 and $1087 after

    Options to pay:

    1.) You can buy the class through Eventbrite with a credit card

    2.) Pay at the door with a check or cash

    Additional scholarship available if you sign up with a friend