Heal Past Trauma. PTSD

Hello everyone,

I would like to remind you that this Saturday there is an opportunity to experience wonderful and powerful sounds that will immerse you completely and help you release toxins and blocks that might have held you back from healing.

What I personally find in my life is that there are some past patterns and visions which come to the surface, at the least expected moment, and while I thought they were not influencing me in any way, they do have a negative impact on my relationships, the way I perceive myself, what I think I am capable of and the way I interact with my environment. Guided by my intuition and loving people, I manage to work through these patterns and let go of them. Often, however, I like doing something physical to help myself let go of these energies and heal the wounds within me. That requires certain openness and vulnerability: to let go of the abuse and abusive people from the past.

In the past few days I have felt very vulnerable listening to Marianne Williamson (here is her website: and her “Return to Love” as an audio book to help myself make sense of my current situation and who I am. I have had a hard time understanding some things that have happened in the past in my family. I have been talking to my sister about it and she told me about the book and how it has made a huge positive impact in her life. She always amazes me with authors and guides that I have met in person (I saw Marianne at the Celebrate Your Life conference a few years back where she was a speaker) and who are here in Los Angeles. And here I am, talking to my sister in London to find out about people that I have in my backyard.

So I am listening to the book and then meditating with my singing bowls. It soothes my soul. My Sound Therapy has been the best tool so far that has physically helped me in healing my own perception of myself and the world around me.

Working with sound helps me continue living and growing. Because of doing and experiencing this work, I have been able to keep my peace in the biggest storms of my life. It has given me the greatest joy and strength, knowing that this work makes a difference in the real world for other people. Especially when I hear that they heal from physical, emotional and mental pain; when they come back and tell me the revelations they have had because of the sounds or intuitive work that they have been open to receive.

Please come and join me in another otherworldly experience Sound Therapy at Remedy Pharm this Saturday at 3pm.

1. Sound Therapy at Remedy Pharm in Torrance:

Saturday 3-4:15pm dates: 4/13, 5/18, 6/8, 7/13     cost: $30 prepaid   and   $40 at the door

it is possible to buy prepaid passes for 6 sessions in advance which cost 6x$30=$180 and the seventh session is free – you save $90!!!

 23811 Hawthorne Boulevard Torrance, CA 90505 tel:(310) 375-0655

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or give me a call.

See you this Saturday:)




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