Sound therapy is a secret tool to increase your motivation.

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How do you do it that you stay motivated and accomplish all of these things?

- My clients ask me. The answer is simple:

I use the 3 secret tools to increase my motivation on a consistent basis.

I’ve been asked about it continuously by my clients and patients: “Sylwia, how do you get all of these things done? How do you do it that you are able to manage so many things successfully in such a short amount of time? How do you do all these things that you do? You teach, do sound healing sessions, coach, exercise, sing etc…”

After explaining it so many times, I decided to write about it and reveal my 3 secret tools to help you “produce” more motivation to get more of your things done. These will help you create more motivation so that you can also accomplish more of the tasks from your “to do” list without delaying and procrastination.

Science of motivation.

Science is very useful to us in this regard that it has figured out that the centre responsible for the motivation and decision making is the pre-frontal cortex.

The limbic system in the back of our head is managing our experience of pleasure and secreting dopamine to the pre-frontal cortex so that it can stay sharp to help you plan, prioritize and focus. Scientists have found out that there are 2 major activities that boost the performance of the brain part (Ventral Tegmental Area) responsible for producing more dopamine that goes to the pre-frontal cortex so that it executes and stays motivated to act:


  1. Exercise. When we exercise our brain gets more oxygen and nutrients pumped so that it can produce more dopamine. As we get fatigued it is partially due to the fact that dopamine got manufactured and the brain used precious energy to make it.
  2. Meditation. The latest studies on meditation show that those who meditate (meaning: they stay relaxed for the extended periods of time without thinking) actually grow more of the grey matter in the brain. In this way, they are more attentive, control their emotions better, and are mentally more flexible.

I’ve discovered the third ingredient that can help you with the other two and increase the amount of motivation is… sound therapy. Sound therapy is a secret tool to increase your motivation by increasing the production of dopamine in your brain.

  1. Sound therapy is a secret tool to increase your motivation because of the activity that it causes in the brain cells. Sound waves massage the brain, help them detox and recharge much faster, allowing it to produce more of dopamine in the shorter amount of time. During sound healing, the brain undergoes the waves of frequencies. These slow it down to regenerate and replenish itself in the shortest possible amount of time (in as much as 1 hour long). But the benevolent effects don’t end there! The effects of staying focused, energized and motivated continue for weeks after the treatment.

Another reason why sound therapy is a secret tool to increase your motivation is that very few people understand how the brain works and don’t know that sound frequencies are the most powerful in terms of influencing the brain and the human body. They can make the brain feel relaxed if you listen to the binaural beats or they can tire it out or scare it with sounds of the heavy metal music. Loud noises and repetitive beats will make the body produce the stress hormones.

Dr. Colin W.F. McClare (Bio-Physicist), found out that waves of sound are about 100 times more powerful in relaying information within a biological system than hormones, neurotransmitters and other growth factors (Lipton 2008). That is exactly why different sounds can influence our emotions and the mood we are in. Sadness, anger, fear, and dread – these feelings vibrate at a low frequency while feelings of love, motivation, joy, gratitude, kindness etc. at a high frequency.

So here is the answer to your question about how I do so many things and stay on the top of them! I do all of the three things listed above. The fact that I am privileged to receive the vibrational treatment every time when I perform it for you, my patients, makes me super happy! Because every time you heal and recharge, I get to heal and recharge as well! It couldn’t get better than that.

Now, I have a question for you. In the comments below, please let me and other people know what helps you keep high levels of motivation so that you continue with your work and stay on your game. What is your secret ingredient? I can’t wait to see your responses! Also, if you would be interested to boost your brain’s performance and increase the levels of motivation this coming weekend, I am having a group sound therapy session (once a month) at the Cancer Community in Redondo Beach this Friday at 9:30am and at Remedy Pharm on Saturday at 3pm. Bring your blankets and let’s fly high on the waves of binaural beats. If you would like to try it another time, sign up for my newsletter and send me an email to get your free 15 minute sample of sound therapy. 

with love





The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Hay House, 2008.

Article Name
Sound therapy: one of the 3 top secret tools to increase your motivation.
Sound therapy is one of the 3 secret tools to help you increase your motivation. It can also enhance the other 2 activities that help to create more dopamine in your brain. In this way your brain gets its own exercise and detox in the shortest amount of time. That's why you can experience having great results in as much as 1 treatment.


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