Sound Therapy at Aerial Art with Yuji Nara.

Amazing Sound Therapy Experience at the Aerial Art Yoga Studio in Torrance, CA.

yes, it was, to listen to the sounds made by Yuji Nara and experience the sound therapy from another sound therapy practitioner and master. The concert was put together by a creative family who owns two aerial studios in our neighborhood: Rubi, Yolanda and Nick Reyes. They have focused on art and yoga majority of their life, and after meeting me (hi hi) they fell in love with sound therapy as well, because Sylwia Kulczak is passionate about sound therapy :-)

But what an event!!! It started with the sound healing part first and pretty soon, everyone was lying flat on the floor – because the sounds made by Yuji were so relaxing that everyone felt like lying down and relaxing deeply. It was impossible to sit up hearing these melting sounds…

Aerial Art, Yoga, Acrobatics and… Sound Therapy.

Afterwards, Kanna Jones and other performers did an outstanding job of dancing, aerial work to the continuous soothing and healing sounds made by Yuji. State of highest art and performance!!! Captivating choreography: in the air and on the floor. Colors… Light and the dark… All in one.


I have had such a profound relaxation and healing, that the next day, I attended another workshop done by Yuji at Genki Club in Torrance. Yuji Nara was doing his magical sound therapy with the rare instruments from all over the world (that I didn’t even know they existed!) and Michiyo Masubuchi was working her magic with massaging the lower body with a special Japanese massage done by feet. Michiyo was instructing people who were standing to massage the people lying down on the floor. I had a privilege to lie down the whole time as Michiyo was working on me and she tirelessly gave directions to

The Most Optimal Sound Therapy Massage I have Ever Experienced In My Life!!!

Can you imagine that you died and went to heaven? Can’t imagine? Then you should try this: Michiyo’s Japanese massage combined with Yuji Nara’s sound therapy made with Himalayan Singing Bowls and other beautiful sound healing instruments. The deepest possible way to infuse the body with the healing vibrations and touch. I don’t think it can get better than that. Michiyo was so humble to all the compliments she was receiving from everyone and said afterwards: “We only did the lower body, if we did the upper part, that would be a complete massage. But for that we would need another hour.” The whole workshop started at 3 and ended at 6pm. That was a decent amount of time for a massage with sounds and then just pure sound therapy.

That was a real treat for me. Because most of the time, it’s me who does sound therapy for people. And I do receive vibrations and healing during the time. But the best treat is to lie down and take it all in, travel to the place where my mind sits still and doesn’t feel like running anymore.

Wanna Vibrate This Weekend?

You Still Can! Sound Therapy at Remedy Pharm Saturday 9/12 at 3pm.

Bring your blankies, eye pillows, abstain from caffeine and let’s travel deep into relaxation where the healing resides.


Aerial Art In the Sound of Nature - Yuji Nara Concert with Performance
Art Flying Aerial Studio,Torrance,
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