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Why strenuous martial arts and exercise won’t give you peace?

People who experience sound therapy usually say that it helps them to learn what it means to be and stay fully relaxed. Most of the time we think we are relaxed, however, being in a certain state of mind and under mental pressure for extended…

Sound therapy is a secret tool to increase your motivation.

How do you do it that you stay motivated and accomplish all of these things? – My clients ask me. The answer is simple: I use the 3 secret tools to increase my motivation on a consistent basis. I’ve been asked about it continuously by…

Sound Therapy Studio

Heal Past Trauma. PTSD

Hello everyone,

I would like to remind you that this Saturday there is an opportunity to experience wonderful and powerful sounds that will immerse you completely and help you release toxins and blocks that might have held you back from healing.

What I personally find in my life is that there are some past patterns and visions which come to the surface, at the least expected moment, and while I thought they were not influencing me in any way, they do have a negative impact on my relationships, the way I perceive myself, what I think I am capable of and the way I interact with my environment. Guided by my intuition and loving people, I manage to work through these patterns and let go of them. Often, however, I like doing something physical to help myself let go of these energies and heal the wounds within me. That requires certain openness and vulnerability: to let go of the abuse and abusive people from the past.

In the past few days I have felt very vulnerable listening to Marianne Williamson (here is her website: http://www.marianne.com/) and her “Return to Love” as an audio book to help myself make sense of my current situation and who I am. I have had a hard time understanding some things that have happened in the past in my family and how my aunts and my grandma have dealt with me, my siblings and my mother. But people only are who they are, especially family, and until recently, when I found out that my grandma (who raised us) is in the hospital, I didn’t realize