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How does sound therapy help you relax?

I get this question so often: how does sound therapy work? And while I could go into a lengthy scientific explanation like I usually do – this time I won’t have to. How does sound therapy help you relax? Sound therapy induces deep, meditative, trance-like…

Final Proof: Video of Shattering Cancer Cells With Resonant Frequencies.

Shattering Cancer Cells With Sound Waves WOW!!! How exciting!!! This video shows how resonant sound frequencies disintegrate the cells of leukemia, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, MRSA etc…¬†painlessly and non-toxically. Science of sound therapy videotaped! I’ve mentioned in earlier posts the science of sound therapy and…

The Science of Sound Therapy.

What is sound therapy? Sound Therapy is an ancient way of getting our attention and our body to listen.¬†In every tradition, humans have used chanting, drumming, playing bells in order to gather and attune to the sounds. Sometimes it has been used to prepare to…

Sound Therapy Group Session Los Angeles

Here is a poem, and an invitation to participate in a Sound Therapy session this Saturday 5/18/2013 at Remedy Pharm, 3pm sharp.

See you there and let me know what you think about the poem:

Here I am. In the midst of it all. Releasing the pain to people that I just met: Ying and Yang. I haven’t seen them before. Not in this lifetime. They hold my hand and space for all the grief to come out slowly with the salty water onto the floor. My mascara will smear, and I don’t care. In their office. Gently. Somehow they know. It seems that we know each other. In this school of life, we just met.

Before them, nobody would know and I would never tell. And I am tired of carrying the luggage that is not mine. Especially, if it doesn’t have the wheels. Living according to the vision of whom, really? I’ve always thought it was my own. I’ve always thought…

I ask him late at night for the nth time: “What shall I do? Please, tell me.” He remains silent. Mute. Maybe he didn’t hear me. And then the night is over and he gives me a dream. Just before I wake up, he says to me: “Everyone has the right to live their own life according to what they think is right for them.”

“That’s it? One sentence? Wow! Talking about