The Science of Sound Therapy.


What is sound therapy?

Sound Therapy is an ancient way of getting our attention and our body to listen. In every tradition, humans have used chanting, drumming, playing bells in order to gather and attune to the sounds. Sometimes it has been used to prepare to receive the message from the priest (hearing the church bells before the sermon).

Once we listen to the sounds, we start attuning ourselves to the notes that we are hearing. When a physical body gets sick, it happens due to a frequency change in an organ or a tissue. The mental mind produces frequencies all the time by thinking various thoughts. These thoughts manifest in the physical body as feelings and the feelings propel us into action or stop us from taking proper action. The same very feelings cause our physical body to get well or sick after a while. The discomfort that we are feeling happens usually when we are adjusting to a new sound that we are experiencing whether it is a healing sound or a distorting sound.

How can Sound Therapy improve my health?

Using the sounds that the body needs to get back to health, it is possible to apply balancing vibrations that help the body to achieve harmony again. The “symphony of the body” – as it has been called by Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in the field of sound therapy, can be altered by listening to combinations of frequencies that the body is missing. In this way it changes the way the body vibrates. It helps the body to release the frequencies that have negatively impacted the body and acquire the new tone – regain the tune of health.

Sound Therapy is an effective yet gentle treatment, it permeates the cells of the body, its atoms without damaging them or cutting them off. That’s the major advantage over the allopathic medicine. Sound healing is a non-invasive way of adjusting the imbalances of the body parts, its functions and correcting the frequency back to the original frequency of health. It helps to restore the natural “symphony” that our body knows so well.

How does Sound Therapy work on cancer cells?

Cancer cells have poor circadian rhythms as opposed to the healthy cells – their circadian entrainment is persistent. Therefore, the cancer cells can not hold or withstand the multitude of the frequencies that they are subdued to during a sound therapy session. They burst! Just like in the famous ad about a singer breaking the glass with her voice. Sound healing works in this case like a selective chemotherapy: it kills the cancer cells and strengthens and supports the healthy ones. If the cell is not deteriorated to the point that it can not regenerate, it will get enough energy from the sounds to stimulate the detoxification and the healthy rhythmic pattern of the cell. It will go back to being a normal and healthy cell again. To read more about that phenomenon please got to: Circadian Rhythm Disruption in Cancer Biology

In the comments below, I would like you to reflect on how sound therapy experience impacted you and your health. It will help other people know what sound therapy is about and how it works.

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IMG_4646The photo from the last Sound Therapy session at the Cancer Community in Redondo Beach June 5, 2015.




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