Wellness Fair at the Remedy Pharm. New CD and a book (?) coming up

Tomorrow July 23rd there is a Wellness Fair at the Remedy Pharm in Torrance. Free samples of wellness and beauty services and products. I am going to do there free samples of Intuitive Readings and a free group Sound Therapy from 1-2pm. Bring your yoga mats and blankets, wear comfortable clothes for the Sound Therapy treatment. Please stop by to enjoy all the efforts, products and foods of this holistic and truly spiritual place.

It is between 10:30-2:30pm. Free entrance!

More info here:

Some of the things you may enjoy:

  • Osmosis Skin Care will be doing free mini facials
  • Larenim Mineral Makeup will be doing free makeovers
  • Phil Stables, CMT will be giving free chair massages
  • Raw Cane Super Juice will be sampling off all the different blends of their raw cane juice
  • Liz’s Soothing Solutions will be giving away free soap samples
  • Designs for Health will be giving away free shakes
  • Potenshaa will be giving away samples of their energized skin oil and energy center oil
  • DS Labs will be raffling off gift baskets of their hair growth products
  • Free samples of delicious & nutritious foods from American Wild Foods
  • Free samples of North American Herb & Spice’s wild and nutritional dietary supplements
  • Free samples of Pure Remedy’s homeopathic salve for animals, eczema, first aid, acne, fungus, and more
  • Remedy Pharm’s Nutritionist, Susan MacShara-Semelka, will be doing free demos with our Biomeridian machine. And so much more…

Blog post:

So I decided to post it here, since I thought I already did and I didn’t. In order to heal and reorganize ourselves, we have to disintegrate/lose our senses/break down first. It is a part of the healing process in order to stay healthy. It is not a human malfunction but an essential part of our humanness and existence. Just like Anna in the Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing had to go through a mental and emotional breakdown, all of us need it and go through it.
Yes. Vulnerable. Is. My. Name.Too.
And that’s what this article is about:
“Why being broken in a pile on your bedroom floor is a good idea”
And I am personally far from breaking down at the moment, I actually came up with a new idea to write a book. I just have to get down to it. It is going to be a hilarious account of experiences with dating. I have some movie type of stories and stories that I hear from other people that I feel would be worth sharing and laughing at. I thought some of the things from the movies happen just in movies. It seems they happen in the real world first and then make it to the movies (LOL).
It is amazing grace to see how we misperceive things, how naive and innocent we are in our thinking or how other people can act just because they don’t know us, and we don’t know them. It’s just laughable… And sometimes a little sad that we fail to connect in a meaningful way because of a hidden agenda or a health issue. I personally don’t mind. It makes me sharper in terms of recognizing what people are looking for – meaning I become a better reader, that’s all. And I still have some time on my side.
Besides that I have just recorded a CD with my Sound Therapy and I am looking forward to finishing cooking it and presenting it to you. I hope you will enjoy it and you will feel as if you are experiencing it live.
Affirmation for today: I step into my power and make things happen;>


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