Why strenuous martial arts and exercise won’t give you peace?

People who experience sound therapy usually say that it helps them to learn what it means to be and stay fully relaxed. Most of the time we think we are relaxed, however, being in a certain state of mind and under mental pressure for extended periods of time will do a trick on you making you think that you are relaxed, when indeed, you aren’t. In fact working under pressure is beneficial, but increasing levels of stress make our mental clarity and capability to handle things at some point fall apart.


The instant benefit of experiencing sound therapy is that it recharges the brain and puts it into a deep state of relaxation. That’s why when the session is over, people feel peace and ever-encompassing tranquility. This “new state” of being automatically improves your attitude towards life and the quality of your sleep, even if you are normally a restless sleeper.

Afterwards, you will feel centered, crystal clear, having the cushion of peace that will prevent you from getting tired or stressed easily during the day. As the result, you will sleep better and you will have more mental energy to handle your daily activities.

Why strenuous martial arts and exercise won’t give you peace?

Some people try to release stress and anxiety by going to martial arts classes or practicing strenuous sports for hours. And while being active definitely helps, it will increase your physical alertness and the hormones in the body that make you go and take action rather than stay relaxed. After some time, the body gets used to it and the more you exercise strenuously, the more physically exhausted and alert you will become. However, it won’t turn your mind off or stop it from worrying, doubting yourself, thinking about 20 different tasks that are challenging. For that you need a quality down time and being in a “switched-off” mode for a while.

Excessive sports trainings can be detrimental to your health.

It’s harder to sleep soundly when you are so amped up. The body starts to break down: it becomes stiff and prone to injuries: “I practice martial arts 2-3 hours every day. It makes me feel great! It’s the best physical stress relief. But what I’ve noticed though, is that it still doesn’t calm my mind. I just can’t stop thinking!!! I am working a stressful job and I am managing 600 people. There are so many decisions that I have to make every day. The trainings have helped me handle stress, however they have made my calves muscles stiff and hard. To the point that I had to see a sports doctor about it. I have a hard time sleeping and relaxing as well.” – Nick I., Redondo Beach, on why he decided to try sound therapy instead of increasing the time spent training martial arts.

How to get a sense of peace?

Watch the video below and find out  from an acupuncturist, Portia Richae, how sound therapy has given her a new sense of peace and tranquility. Learn how it shielded her from accumulating stress for weeks. How cool is that!?


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